A full list of our services

With the kind of experience our team members possess and the overall size of hoisting and delivery projects in our company’s portfolio – we are sure that any task, even the most complex one is our cup of tea!

Pole Installation
Metro Hoisting can assist in light pole and fence pole installation.
Height Capabilities – 183 Feet
Metro Hoisting has the ability to hoist items has high as 183 feet.
Lift Capabilities of up to 28 tons
Metro Hoisting has the ability to hoist items up to 28 tons.
Indoor and Outdoor Secured Storage
Metro Hoisting’s parent company Metro Equipment has a large 150,000 square foot warehouse and a secure lot to store your equipment. Whether it's short-term or long-term.
Light and Heavy Hauling
We are capable of pickup and delivery of your units from the wholesaler to the job site.
Rigging Services
Metro Hoisting offers full rigging services. Including the installation, removal, and transportation of equipment.
Commercial Hoisting
Metro Hoisting’s majority business is commercial. We have done many types of jobs and have many satisfied and repeat customers.
Residential Hoisting
While most of Metro Hoisting’s jobs are commercial, we have the proper equipment to support residential customers as well.
Hourly Crane Rental
You can rent one of our cranes at an affordable hourly rate as low as $150.00/hour. We will have one of our experienced and certified crane operators manage your lift.
Cranes with Special Riggings & Spreader Bars
Sometimes it is difficult to have something lifted because of the size of the item. With our experienced and certified crane operators.
Trusses & Steel Beams for New Construction
Metro Hoisting can stage our trucks/equipment to assist in the securement of building trusses and beams.
Sign Installation
With the steady hand of our experienced operators, we have the ability to lift a sign so that it can be easily secured in place.